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Visi Herman


Visi Herman (pronounced vis-ee) is a nonbinary artist, illustrator, designer, and teacher currently living in Denver, Colorado.

They have a BFA in Art Education, and have worked for 2 different school districts in Colorado.

They freelanced for Frederator Studios, sell through local Denver businesses and galleries, sell around the US at anime and comic conventions, and have worked with companies and individuals for logos, illustrations, and general graphic design. Visi has run Visi Colors since 2014.  


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For questions, quotes, or business inquiries, please contact:

visicolors @gmail .com

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Tools I use

I use Adobe Creative Cloud for a variety of projects, but I mainly draw in Procreate now-a-days since it's nice to work away from my desktop.

Google Drive is a must for keeping my images safe and for transferring large files between my phone, ipad, and desktop, and sharing them with clients.   

For my stickers, packaging, and other assorted bits and bobs of running a business, I use a Silhouette Portrait and Silhouette studio.


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I use my ipad and apple pencil for Procreate and posting art online. It's nice to have direct access to Instagram and Twitter so I can easily post my art after I finish it.


I also have a 13" Cintiq which I use with Adobe creative cloud on my desktop. I mainly use CC for Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, and (more recently) After Effects.


I print a lot of my merch from home, including my stickers, buttons, sticker sheets, prints, and packaging. I use a Canon MG5520 that I bought years ago. It's on it's last legs, but I still love it.

To get a clean cut and aid in production time, I use a Silhouette Portrait for cutting out my stickers and sticker sheets. I also make custom packaging with this device. 

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