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New Media, 2019

Visi Herman


The Installation

artist statement

Artist Statement


     As we grow older, we allow the construct of “adulthood” to infiltrate our personality. Adulthood brings societal acceptance through the notion that we’re maturing out of our childish habits. Being “childish” is an insult and justifies the judgement of society towards those types of behaviors. Instead of viewing these as a binary, what if we were to combine the analytical traits of adulthood with the playful, curious tendencies of childhood to recontextualize the way we see the world? The more we allow ourselves to experiment and play, the more we are able to learn. Primary encourages you to be both audience and collaborator; to take risks, solve interactive puzzles, and play. You are encouraged to break the restrictive boundaries of the gallery--touching, playing, and exploring a space generally reserved for “professional” or “adult” behavior. This is a space where you create the artwork with and for others. 

     Primary references the 3 primary colors which, when mixed, can create a rainbow of options; but it also refers to the age range when children are still willing to play pretend and let their curiosity drive them to exploration. In this installation, binaries are eroded as adults create, solve puzzles, and play together. Our differing perspectives enable us to see the world through a different lens than the person standing next to us; by combining these differences we end up with new options: when pink touches yellow, we get orange. 

     Primary explores the discomfort many adults have around being perceived as “childish”; playing, asking questions, and familiarizing yourself with the unknown are all important parts of being an open-minded adult. Without experimentation and failure there is no chance for growth. Through collaboration, everyone can serve an important role in helping one another to achieve a common goal. Play isn’t just for children; the skills we learn through playing are vital to becoming a functioning part of modern society. 

making of

Making Of

Illustrated Instructions

Invitation / Sticker Sheet

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