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Adults should be able to wear cute clothes too! 


About - 

These windbreakers are unisex and come in sizes S-3X!

They're made from dye-sublimated polyester and lined with a golden-orange jersey material to help keep you insulated. They're lightweight, comfy, and can roll up to fit inside a backpack or purse quite easily.
It's a zip-up jacket with one large pocket in the front (so it's easier to find things), and a large rainbow design that runs from the front to the back. Despite having a cute rainy pattern, they're not waterproof like a rain coat would be, but they are water resistant so they'll keep you dry in a drizzle.

I love the idea of cute clothes that are made for adults instead of just kids, and I want more clothing in the world that's inclusive of queer body types (namely clothes that accommodate wider shoulders, broader hips, rounder tummies, and different torso lengths).



Sizing / Design - 


I wanted to make these jackets as body-type inclusive as possible, but with so many vastly different body types it's hard to accommodate everyone, so here's where we ended up: 
I designed these based on what I noticed was lacking in a lot of store-brand clothes--namely, clothes that can accommodate wider shoulders and wider hips. These jackets are slightly shorter than your average coat or jacket so that they can ideally stop either at or above your hips depending on your height. 
The hem at the bottom, back of the jacket is slightly curved to help keep the fabric from bunching at your butt, and is lined with an elastic cord to help keep its shape, hold the fabric down (again, to keep it from buching), and is connected to 2 black elastic adjusters on either side of the inside of the jacket so you can adjust the fit near your hips. 


Please scroll through the images to find the size chart! 


Shipping -


The jacket will be shipped inside of a large plastic resealable bag, and then placed inside of a poly mailer to help protect it from the elements during shipping. If you place a larger order that can't fit inside of a poly mailer, your jacket may arrive in a small cardboard box instead of a poly mailer, but will still be in the sealed bag. If you'd like to cut back on plastic usage and don't mind your jacket not being as protected during shipping, let me know and I can seal your order up in many layers of paper instead! 


Credits -

Photographs by Monique Archuleta Photography, Modeling by Bumble Reifman and Liam Grinton


If you have any questions, as always feel free to send me an email at visicolors @ gmail .com 

Rainbow Windbreaker

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